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We offer courses that will help students pass mathematics, the schedules are customized to suit every students specific needs.

The idea behind the Mathsman website is to create an interactive website that will teach the student and force them to cover the topics step by step. The courses are setup in such a way that the student will not be able to continue to the next step until they have mastered the current step.

The Mathsman courses can be very valuable to use in a classroom set up. All the students can be enrolled for a relevant course and homework can be given to them on the website. You will receive immediate feedback on each individual learner’s progress and achievements. You will also receive a customized schedule for each course.

You can use the website to focus on certain topics by using the Core Maths course or you can use the CAPS Exam Practice courses for Exam preparation. Students need to spend at least 50 minutes a day or 3,5 hours a week on a course.

Somerset West Private School has implemented the Mathsman principles for 16 years and has achieved a 100% pass rate for Mathematics each year.

Core Maths

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