Why not help your child pass mathematics?

In the day and age that we live in now, we want the best opportunities for our children. We know that results is what allows them access to tertiary education such as Universities, Technikons etc.

The idea behind the Mathsman website is to create an interactive website that will teach and force your child to cover the topics step by step. The courses are setup in such a way that he/she will not be able to continue to the next step until they have mastered the current step.

You as parent will receive weekly feedback on your childs progress throughout a course. You can expect a few phone calls along the way too.

Your child will receive a schedule for each course. The schedules are customized to suit your Childs needs. Your child needs to spend at least 50 minutes a day or 3,5 hours a week on a course. Your child will become more motivated after completing a course and we know that success breeds success.

We also have exciting incentives for your child. See our competitions for students to win bursaries and other exciting prizes.

Somerset West Private School has implemented the Mathsman principles for 16 years and has achieved a 100% pass rate for Mathematics each year.

Core Maths

The shocking reality...

In South Africa only 26.1% of candidates who wrote Mathematics in the 2013 Matric Exams achieved a pass mark of 50% and above. Only 15.6% achieved 60% and above. These are figures from the Department of Basic Education.

A pass mark of 50% is required for entrance into bachelor degrees in the sciences, commerce and engineering.

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